About those baby blues

Hoy comparti en mis historias…que estoy decidida a buscar un poco de ayuda con terapia.

Si, soy fuerte and I am fierce! BUT the situations I go through are quite particular, and without family around for support…can sometimes become more overwhelming…

Since I know…I am in control, and some things are in my power, I am going to seek a way to fine tune my perspective in the world and my life. I need practical advice and I need to regain the confidence that will help me and by default, my whole family, thrive.

It is late when I get to write this, but I just want to say…God has one thing for you to be doing right now…pray and be honest with yourself…if you need some help…seek it…keep praying…keep seeking…keep trying something…so that you can actually do what you are meant to be doing ❤

I will share my journey with you as I go through it. I hope it encourages those who need it most.

God bless you ! ❤

Mucho Love,


Published by StellaOfMine

He Calls Me His Own and to be a Good Steward to his Blessings; I am mine to safeguard & safekeep, I am your sister, here to remind you to Let your Light Shine <3

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