I believe, we are only as liable for our actions as our knowledge allows us to be. However, consequences for any actions, are NATURAL consequences. whether or not we meant well. Natural consequences are inescapable, in your life, and that of your children, and everyone in the planet. So if you can place in front of you multiple perspectives and multiple Potential consequences to your actions, you can be better prepared to make the BEST DECISION for Your OWN family.


QUE DIFICIL A VECES IMAGINARSE, QUE ALGUN DIA EL TIEMPO PASARA LENTO… LO QUE SENTIMOS HOY TAN ABRUMADOR, SERA SOLO UN RECUERDO…. NUESTRO CUERPO, ENFRIANDOSE POQUITO A POCO…Siempre lentos…yendo a donde no siempre queremos ir…. Que extrano pensar que los que hoy son protagonistas y personajes tan prominentes en nuestra vida, quizas seran entonces tanContinue reading “APRENDIENDO A MIRARNOS COMO SEREMOS A LOS 87”

Women and CAREERS. TAKING Turns in marriage for career development.

Dual-career partnershipsI think now more than ever we see these happening. Both partners have great aspirations for their accomplishments when they meet. Marriage comes, and one supports the other and vice-versa over different seasons of life. It can be challenging and sometimes difficult when one of the two spouses steps a little to the sideContinue reading “Women and CAREERS. TAKING Turns in marriage for career development.”

Holy Moly Moving is Purgatory on Earth!

HAHAHA! I know ridiculous and dramatic of me to say right?! NO WAY JOSE!!!! ITS IS FREACKING SUPER TRUE GUYS! or at least a very realistic simulation. After packing and loading a truck with your partner for almost 2 days in a row! with practically no sleep… all while taking care of a two yearContinue reading “Holy Moly Moving is Purgatory on Earth!”

About those baby blues

Hoy comparti en mis historias…que estoy decidida a buscar un poco de ayuda con terapia. Si, soy fuerte and I am fierce! BUT the situations I go through are quite particular, and without family around for support…can sometimes become more overwhelming… Since I know…I am in control, and some things are in my power, IContinue reading “About those baby blues”